You Have Been Good

These past few days have been a breath of fresh air.


With more time to slow down and rest in The Lord's gentle grace after an eventful semester, I have found myself with my arms and my heart agape to the Lord's blessings that have gathered abundantly in our little corner of the world. These past several months have been full of moments of realization, discovery, and challenges. But, God's light has managed to shine through the cracks and imperfections, illuminating a hope that I pray we never lose.


 Yet again, the Lord has amazed me with his faithfulness and unfailing love. He has been so good to us.


These words have been on my heart and in my mind as I sit back and thank God for all he has done. Even when everything isn't good, God is. He creates beauty in every situation. His devotion to His beloved is unwavering, unchanging. And with that simple Truth, I know that I have all I could ever need in my Heavenly Father. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness.


You have been good,

stretching me to places unknown and uncomfortable

but worth it for my good and the glory of the Kingdom.


You have been good.

You have opened doors and made way for welcoming,

reminding me that my hope is exactly where it should be in you.


You have been good

to those who were not always good

and to those who needed it most.


You have been good.

You have convicted me in the moments I failed to show grace

and encouraged me to love like you do, even when it hurts.


You have been good.

You have taught my heart to break for what breaks yours

and given us resources to mend this world's broken pieces.


You have been good,

making a way when there were no ways

and reminding us that you can do it again.


You have been good

in laughter

and in tears also.


 You have been good, 

placing people and words and joy 

in areas we least expect it yet need it most.


 You have been good.

You have showed me what real love is 

and rekindled the fire within me to love your children in the same way.


You have been good

in moments that didn't feel good

because you were creating something new and beautiful and perfect.


You have been so good, Lord. Thank you.

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