Oh, How He Loves Us

Friends and family,

I had an amazing opportunity to share a blog post on my college campus's student blog. For those following along, I wanted to share my words on this platform as well, so here it is! I hope you enjoy!


As I began thinking and praying about what I wanted to share within this blog post, my mind raced through a plethora of Truths that I’d love to tell you all. “How can I pick just one?” I asked myself. As I continued praying for guidance in stringing together a series of words that I hope will inspire those who read it, I was reminded of what I believe to be the most important Truth about The Lord, and that is His perfect love.


It’s difficult to fully comprehend. It can’t be contained in the bounds of our own thoughts and humanly limitations. It is immeasurable, infinite, and increasingly incredible.

I can remember moments in the past where I felt forgotten and alone amongst my peers. There were one too many instances where my voice wasn’t heard, my thoughts were not considered, and my presence seemed insignificant amongst everyone else. I felt like I poured so much into others, but what I found was an unexpected emptiness where that nutrients had not been replenished. I was looking for validation and fulfillment from a world that was never meant to hold such importance in my heart.

The world pushed a little too hard, words from the enemy cut a little too deep, and the void within me seemed to grow a little too wide. Perhaps you can relate to these moments where the enemy’s lies are a little too loud in our ears, moments where our search for contentment in a broken world could never truly satisfy our yearning hearts.

But, that’s where a perfect love, wrapped in hope and sealed with grace came in. It was within these instances of learning of God’s love, that I fell in love all over again with the One who had loved me all along. I began to realize that God’s love was enough, in and of itself, and worth more than anything else. This love knew my name, recklessly pursued my heart, and quenched my thirst for something more. This love called me His. Prior days of feeling less than were replaced with a newfound captivation of The Lord’s devotion to His children, which thankfully includes you and me.

That irreplaceable love of God is something I can’t entirely wrap my mind around, but I am certain that it is present and active and abundant. And, if I had the opportunity to tell every single one of you a message of hope, it would be the story of how unbelievably loved we are by The Lord.

We were loved before we were even born. Psalm 139:13-14 speaks on how God delicately and intricately created each one of His beloved children. He created us with a purpose for our good and His glory.

We see this love in the intricacies of His creation, from the beauty that abounds in nature to the simple quirks in each of us that make us who we are. We are perfectly imperfect humans on a quest to bring God glory in all we do. This goodness is scattered throughout Scripture, but some of my favorite recollections of His creation are in Genesis, reminding us of just how vast and exquisite the love of our God is. The same God who hand-crafted the world around us hand-crafted you and me.

This love is present in the hands that serve and the hearts that strive to share such love with everyone they encounter – building His Kingdom one testimony of love at a time, sharing this love with the least of these (Matthew 25:33-45).

His love is not contingent on perfection, as we often fall short. But even when we fall, and fail, and stray from God’s goodness – He remains.

We see His love in the details – from the way the sun rises every morning, to the moments sprinkled throughout the day that remind us that He is right there with us through every mountain we must climb and every valley we must travel through.

The lives we live will inevitable be accompanied by storms where we may come face-to-face with old battles and new obstacles, but we can rest in the Truth that God has already obtained the victory (John 16:33), all we have to do is look up.

So friends, please never underestimate the power of His love. It is just for you, each and every one of you.

This invitation to be totally consumed by the Creator of The Universe is waiting for you, and I hope you’ll find the courage to say yes to the most perfect love one could ever come across.

This love wipes away tears, takes away pain, and brings unending joy.

This love breaks chains, lifts burdens, and sets us free.

This love fills the voids that we try to hide or even fill elsewhere.

This love was bought with a price, but your debt has already been payed.

This love redeems, renews, and reigns forever.

This love is everlasting. This love is for you and me. This is the love of our God.

Friends, you were created intentionally. You have a purpose. You have a seat at the table. You have the opportunity to live in a joy that is unlike anything else. You are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the God of the Universe. You. Are. Loved.

I hope you’ll never forget it.


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