The Start of Nursing School

It is Sunday, August 25 which means that nursing school begins tomorrow!

I can hardly believe that we're already here. It seems like just yesterday we were signing up to for our first semester of undergrad classes, hoping that we'd make it through successfully and be one of the students accepted into the nursing program. Fast forward through 2 years of pre-requisite classes, applications, and an abundance of prayers - and here we are.

This Summer has been an enormous blessing along this journey to becoming a nurse. I had the opportunity to work as a nurse technician at a local hospital in order to gain some experience before nursing school. Little did I know, I would learn more in these 4 months than I anticipated (in both the technicalities of the medical field and the art of caring for others - something a textbook could never fully encompass), overcome fears and become comfortable with the uncomfortable occurrences that you see everyday in the hospital, and be reminded and reassured that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Above all else, I've learned that God is here.

He is here at the 5am wake up calls when it's hard to roll out of bed, and the drive home after not wanting to say goodbye to the sweet patients you've been with for the past 12 hours - reminding you that the energy and effort and love exerted throughout the day probably made someone's day.

He is here when you are cleaning up the patients who are unable to help themselves - teaching you more about empathy and dignity in these little moments than you ever expected.

He is here when my speed-walking comes in handy as I'm trying to get everything done while also making sure every patient feels noticed, seen, heard, and cared for - just as He notices, sees, hears, and cares so deeply for each one of us.

He is here when you feel overwhelmed and alone - filling you with the strength and the compassion to persevere and abundantly share the love that he generously gives to us.

He is here with the patients who are ready to give up - offering glimpses of hope in situations that were once void of such optimism.

He is here with the patient who is finally well enough to go home - making a way, even when we failed to see it originally.

He is here in every moment, in every hospital room, in every circumstance - pouring out love and hope and joy - even here.

God is here. 

As I take the next step in this journey, I am grateful for the many ways God showed up right here. I know this next chapter is going to be challenging and unfamiliar, but I also know how great my God is!

Pray for us as we take this next step and begin nursing school.


Matthew 25:40

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’


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