Joy and Goodness

Over these last several weeks I have been graciously reflecting on the Lord's generosity and goodness that is evident all around us.

I have had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends who have been a huge part of my childhood, my growth as a young woman, and simply who I am today. These encounters were accompanied by warm embraces, shared stories of hope and joy, and laughter that allowed us to reminisce in the beauty of the good ol’ days.

The simplest car rides and breakfast conversations with my family have created some of the purest and most genuine moments of joy - moments that make you smile to yourself (while also laughing at loud) in the midst of interactions that are effortless, yet incredibly meaningful.

These moments reminded me that no matter where you go, you’ll always have a family, a team, and a community at home. Though distance may create temporary separation, there is truly no place like home and nothing better than reconnecting with the people who have been cheering you on all along.

I have had the opportunity to see firsthand how powerful prayer is and how faithful God is (yet again) – even in the most broken situations. We serve a God who never gives up on His children because He adores us and wants nothing more than for His Beloved to accept His offer of love and grace. He is our Healer, our Redeemer, our Everything.

In less than ideal situations, He is always faithful, and I am constantly amazed by the restoration, healing, and hope that The Lord brings to fruition in the lives of His children.

Dwelling in these new perspectives has shown me how time heals and that love is always the answer – even when it hurts. Through our shortcomings and mistakes, God loves us anyway. He reminded me that I can still love hard, even when that love may be reciprocated differently or perhaps not at all.

Lastly, I have been pleasantly surprised by the impact perspective can have on your day. I am a strong believer that God can create beautiful harvests from the places he plants us – at work, at home, and all over the world. Though the beginning of a season may be strenuous, the harvests that began in the strength of The Lord and are guided by His hands are plentiful and beautiful. When we look back, it is evident that God works in every season of our lives – even the ones that take a little more time. These Truths provide hope for the work He has yet to do – in us, through us, and for us.

I pray that you can take a few moments to sit, reflect, and reminisce in the goodness of our great God - and I'd love to listen as you share these sweet stories of hope, redemption, love, and revelation.

We serve a God who orchestrates incredibly big blessing in our lives. But, we also serve a God who loves us in the small details. I am grateful for these little details and the moments where they unite harmoniously into huge blessings – today and everyday. Thank you, Lord.


Psalm 4:7

You have put gladness in my heart,

More than in the season that their grain and wine increased.


Romans 11:36

For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things,

to whom be glory forever.




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